Why Instruct a Franchised Agent?

Every size and shape of estate agency is represented in East Kent, from the sleepy one-man band, to the independent firm and the national “corporate” operator, with each having their respective merits.

The one-man band who’s been in the area for years knows everyone, and has probably visited numerous local homes at some stage in his/her career. However, many of these agencies are too reliant on one overworked key individual. They can also have difficulty attracting and retaining good staff and often struggle to cope.

Then there is the representative office of a large national estate agency chain, which is often a subsidiary of a financial institution, where selling financial products or data may be of more interest than selling its clients’ properties. Area, district and regional managers come and go as they seek to build the empire, and a strong focus on national targets (especially securing instructions rather than sales) can override the delivery of the high quality local service customers rightfully expect.

The halfway house could be the independent firm with several local branches although, like the one-man band, it is unlikely that they will have the same resources at their disposal as the national chain.

All of which made me think how fortunate we are at Open House Kent Coast to be a franchised office of a chain of around 20 strong independent firms each of whom share excellent central training, referral, marketing, mortgage, and admin facilities, whilst retaining their own heritage, style and brand. As the actual directors of each business are thoroughly involved in the day to day running of the branch, local accountability is retained and each customer gets the attention they deserve, whilst benefiting from the major clout of an influential group. Surely – it doesn’t get much better than that!

So for the best of everything, why not give us a call on 01304 808904 to find out how our distinctive style of agency could be right up your street when the time comes to buy or sell?